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Our Process

There is no cutting corners when it comes to marketing online. Many have tried and are disappointed with the results. Bow Tie Kreative will give companies the ability to accomplish their objectives, at an affordable price, as efficient and effective as possible.

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We also have to research external factors when establishing a good strategy. We look at competition and user reviews, and any other external factor that will have impact on our campaigns.


Together with the client we put come up with a strategy, that will last for 6 months to a year. We put together a tactical plan of action that both client and Bow Tie Kreative will implement.


We have an extensive questionnaire that we use to understand our clients current market situation. Past and present dictate the future, and thus, we take them both serious when putting the strategy together.

Proofing Stage

This process is where we come up with designs, keywords, ideas for content, website layouts etc. Client will approve the best design that suits their organization.

Review and Optimization

When the campaign is launched we look at the analytics and make key decisions on how we can improve the user experience and engagement.


Once the proofs are approved then we create the final designs that will be used online.We setup Wordpress, and then the client can add content.

Our high-end websites are built right in Calgary, Alberta.

Save the stress of waking up late at night to speak with developer around the world. Our office is based right in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Meaning, you get quality service during the hours of your business.


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We have helped plenty of business achieve their marketing objectives online. Here is an example of some of the work we have created! Please note that not all of our work is displayed, due to client confidentiality.

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