Providing Internet Increasing Economic Growth For Africa

Africa is one of the fastest growing internet consumer continents in the world, Wi-Fi is great in hotels and professional offices, but lacking within residential communities because most families don’t have access to internet. “Mobile internet firm Afrimax Group has raised $120 million to fund the expansion of a high-speed broadband network in Africa… Simile Telecoms, which raised $365 million last week to extend its existing 4G LTE mobile network in three African countries,” (Reuters, 2015). Bow Tie Kreative is looking to further expand broadband network in Africa in the future.

Also adding free Wi-Fi hot spots in Africa in the interim “in order to boost economic activity and education…if internet penetration grows in the same way as that of mobile phones on the continent, it could contribute as much as 10 per cent - $300 billion – of the continent’s total GDP by 2025,” (Jackson, 2014). Bow Tie Kreative is looking to increase the economy of developing continent. “Botswana has had the highest average economic growth rate in the world, averaging about 9% per year from 1966 to 1999,” (Wikipedia, 2015). The growth projected by partnering with such a highly stable platform is one of high interest to Bow Tie Kreative.

With free Wi-Fi hotspots, and the addition of high-speed broadband brought into residential communities will aid students in studying online, downloading textbooks, allowing for graduates and unemployed to look for jobs online and submit CVs. “The World Bank says that for every 10 per cent of broadband penetration a country’s GDP grows by 1.28 per cent,” (Jackson, 2014). Bow Tie Kreative is about building independence, and providing solutions to companies, and individuals looking for empowerment and growth.


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