Looking Into Other Transportation Then Just Uber

Uber is a new initiative in Calgary that provides rides to passengers within the city at a 30% less the cost then of a cab company. Currently being an Uber driver here in Calgary is illegal, and police are observing the system very cautiously. Mayor Nenshi has been very vocal about the risks and dangers associated with taking a system that is not regulated, has no insurance, and in another article does not screen its drivers very well.

A driver for Uber in India just received a life sentence for raping a passenger. “The victim, a woman working for an international consulting firm, fell asleep on the way home. Yadav then drove to a secluded place and raped her,” (Mohanty, Kalra, 2015). All because Uber did not screen for a criminal record that he had hidden. This is some of the dangers that come with using a cheaper service that is not regulated.

Bow Tie Kreative is all about new initiatives, and new ways to bring transportation to the City of Calgary but we would research and look into how we could develop a system that is regulated, is insured, and is safe for the citizens of Calgary. Bow Tie Kreative - Software and Consulting Development Company - collectively rewriting history from the cloud.


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