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About Bow Tie Kreative

Over 15 years of experience manifesting brand narratives, so that small business owners can stand apart from their competitors like a bow tie, in a room of ties.

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Luxury websites that help you stand-out from the crowd.

Bow Tie Kreative is a online digital agency that specializes in building and marketing online businesses. Our team has over 15 years experience working brands, politicians, celebrities, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

BTK has worked over 40 brands + helping them do more with their online marketing presence. Bow Tie Kreative is more than just a web design agency. Based in beautiful Calgary, we believe in providing people with all the tools they need to create a digital footprint. 

In the changing virtual landscape, we realize that a website is just the start. We also offer plans that involve search engine optimization and social media campaigning. You'll never have to look further for all of your online business needs. We're on the job! BTK gives you the opportunity to focus on what's important, while we take care of your digital footprint.


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Meeting Ryan Perez

Ryan is the owner and found of Bow Tie Kreative and is aproclaimed "brand wizard", whose unique approach helps companies build and maintain long-lasting brands, by analyzing their functions and relationships with contractors, competitors, consumers, suppliers, and stakeholders. Once Ryan understands the context of a companies operations, he and his team create narratives that match a companies goals and objectives. He then creates a maintenance plan and a series of metrics that help a company measure, manage and control their brand's identity.

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Our high-end websites are built right in Calgary, Alberta.

Save the stress of waking up late at night to speak with developer around the world. Our office is based right in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Meaning, you get quality service during the hours of your business.


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We have helped plenty of business achieve their marketing objectives online. Here is an example of some of the work we have created! Please note that not all of our work is displayed, due to client confidentiality.

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