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    Why should you hire Bow Tie Kreative to handle your online marketing needs?

  • We are a full-service marketing agency that offers consultancy, graphic design, SEO, SEM. website development, branding, livestream production and much more.

  • Our VIP service allows your to get unlimited access to us either by phone or video call. We put your needs first. Need us to travel? We will be there!

  • Have a start-up or an established venture? We have packages for every size. We also include payment options for some of our high ticket services. We have you covered.

  • Have a start-up or an established venture? We have packages for every size. We also include payment options for some of our high ticket services. We have you covered.

  • Need some advice? Or, do you have an idea that you want to run by someone? We have 15 to 30 minutes of free consultation.

What our clients have to say!

Bow Tie Kreative was great to work with. I needed branding done for my marketing consulting business. Ryan was easy to work with and quick to respond. He makes it effortless and goes that extra mile. Thanks, Bow Tie!


Thank you.. I am learning a lot from your shows. Especially branding and marketing. Your formula concept is on point. I know exactly what your talking about and want to learn more. I'm at the beginning stages of branding but I have a better understanding when I tune in. Xoxo

Danyelle Redwine

Ryan has been a great asset to my company, he and his company have assisted my company greatly. I will always refer Ryan and his company.

Dave Boddy

Ryan was really efficient and provided a really great product. We were able to use the graphics and websites in order to promote shows as well as contest. He also provided us with video editing. We were really pleased with the work as well as the wide range of abilities we had access to with him.

He proved that his skills are adaptable to not only business clients but artists as well.

Dylan Mahaney

I was pleased to work with Bow Tie Kreative; they were professional, asked the right questions and delivered on time. I would recommend them to family and friends!

Fred Diblasio

I am pleased to recommend Ryan Perez and his company Bow Tie Kreative to anyone looking to develop a web presence or to enhance their current site. Ryan is very innovative, always looking for new solutions and fresh ideas that advances his knowledge to exceed his clients expectations and goals. He is a fun person to work with both helpful and insightful. Ryan Perez is passionate about his work and always seems to have an awareness of new creative strategies and technologies.

Gary Martin

"These days it is rare to find someone who is truly customer centric; luckily we found a professional sprit name Ryan Perez, who voluntarily went extra mile to coach us with brand development and recognition.

At the same time, he remained with us until he made sure we are complete satisfied with his services. We wish to continue doing business with Ryan and also recommend others, not to look further for your brand development."

Imran Mirza

Ryan Perez with BOW TIE KREATIVE is very knowledgeable in what they do and is a great valid asset for any design marketing agency.

Jason Franco

I reached out to Ryan to help design my sponsor a child program and brochure for my nonprofit, he did great work and really did a great job designing them...Thanks a ton Ryan! Great eye for design.

Joshua Therrien

"Your work is incredible! 450 guest and Canada's BEST in communications all LOVED what you did. Thank U"

Jully Black via Twitter

Bowtie Kreative handled our production professionally and in a timely manner! Super pleased with their work and looking forward to working with Ryan again!!! We highly recommend using them for your business needs!

Thank you Bowtie Kreative you are awesome!

Luis Class

I strongly recommend Ryan Perez and his team at Bowtiekreative
He has give my firm excellent service that was also on time and on Budget.
My profile has increased with the advertising and the Web work that Bowtiekreative has done for my firm.
It has increased my business and has given me new leads for additional work.

Masone and Company

BowTieKreative.Com is redesigning my web presence. As a public speaker, with a need for a highly interactive website, these people are the best in the business. Not only do they build the website, they also perform a vital service called Search Engine Optimization. SEO is where they make my website extremely visible to the search engines, thereby getting me near the top on Google. So, I would like to encourage you to look at BowTieKreative.Com for your web design needs.

Michael D Haines

After having launched our site roughly 2 years ago, I was planning on giving it a dust-up over the Summer Holidays. Ryan gave the site a full review and pointed me in the direction in which to implement the needed changes that will improve it's overall SEO reach. Thanks for the valuable time and I would highly recommend that you have him assist you in your SEO needs.

Nazim Beltran

Ryan was just very good to work with, he explained everything to me and was very patient with me through this process. He was able to do everything I asked and it turned out great. I just told him why I wanted a website, what I did and he went from there. My site took only a couple of days. I would like people to know that he is a great resource for designing web sites and I would refer all my friends and family to him. Very reasonable rates and I couldn't be more pleased and it was great working with you."

Paul E.

I watched Ryan of Bow Tie Creative convert a photo to an Illustration. WOW! super talented and I learned a lot. Thanks for the tutorial.

Ricardo McRae

Ryan worked around the clock to provide my company with our new website. Not only did he create an efficient and modern site for us, but explained the reasoning behind all it's components. He taught me how to modify and edit the site, as well as how to get the most out of its features. His methods of search engine optimization has already show an increase in traffic to our site. I recommend Ryan to anyone looking to have an intuitive site showcasing their business and it's products.

Ryan Verkley

"I had a fantastic experience with BowTieKreative. He showed me how to transform my website and boost my SEO ranking. "

S. Rasheem (CEO of Be More LLC)

I watched an online vector tutorial today from Ryan at Bow Tie Kreative. I was impressed with the speed and quality of work! Ryan was really easy to talk to and answered all of my questions. I will use Bow Tie Kreative for my next advertising project!

Starz Abuv

We have worked with over 40 brands+.

With over 16 years of experience!

About Ryan Perez

Ryan is the owner and found of Bow Tie Kreative and is aproclaimed "brand wizard", whose unique approach helps companies build and maintain long-lasting brands, by analyzing their functions and relationships with contractors, competitors, consumers, suppliers, and stakeholders. Once Ryan understands the context of a companies operations, he and his team create narratives that match a companies goals and objectives. He then creates a maintenance plan and a series of metrics that help a company measure, manage and control their brand's identity.

Ryan began Bow Tie Kreative in 2002 as a part-time graphic design freelancer. He named the company (at the time) Simba Graphics and Distributing. He learned his graphic design skills during Computer Tech class in high school. His first graphic design gig was for Calgary Stampeder's football player Anthony Mcclanahan and a local DJ called DJ Fresh. He then went on to design flyers for night club and nonprofit events before he was 20.

Due to his dyslexia, Ryan had a very hard time in high school, thus he didn't continue his post-secondary education. Ryan spent the next decade working in sales and then transitioning into sales management where he gained his corporate and business experience. During this time, he continued freelancing, as well as, learning new skills along the way such as video editing and production, branding and music production. He also volunteered his time to non-profit organizations such as the African Caribbean United Foundation of Alberta, Isshin Institute, Calgary International Reggae Festival, where he sat on the boards as a youth representative.

Ryan's contributions to his community earned him the prestigious award from the Calgary Stampede organization: The Western Legacy Award, which is one of the highest awards you can receive in Calgary, Alberta. His talents brought him in front of people such as friend's co-star Matthew Perry, Motown singers: Martha Reeves and Kim Weston; Songwriter: Gloria Jones; Honorary Funk Brother: Gary Martin; Legendary Funk Brothers' Eddie Wilson, Uriel Jones, and Joe Hunter; Canadian singer-songwriter, producer and actress: Jully Black; American actress: Lana Parrilla; Singer, and songwriter: Ray Parker Jr.

In 2013, Ryan decided that he no longer wanted to be employed as a sales manager and he started freelancing full-time and changed his company name to Bow TIe Kreative. Since then he and his team have worked with over 40 brands building online solutions to help businesses achieve their goals, through website development, social media marketing, and brand consultation. In the last 3 years, Ryan and his team having been specializing in livestream production which helping businesses engage people is the most effective way.